clamp rackAny woodworker worth his sawdust has plenty of clamps, F-clamps, bar claps, C-clamps (G-clamps in some places) ...almost too many clamps one might say, unless of course you are a woodworker and then you say that you can never have too many.

But then the problem arises that you have to put them all somewhere. Well luckily, building a clamp rack is a woodworking project!

Clamp Rack Ideas

So here are a few videos that show a build of a clamp rack. The first one is a bit simpler. Actually in the video he shows us a really simply designed clamp rack that is basically a length of wood with two spacers off the wall. The clamps are secured only by weight, but this allows him to easily take them off and replace them.

He then goes on to build a more solid clamp rack for his larger clamps out of plywood. Plywood is a good material to use because it is rigid and won't bend when put in the proper orientation. If you will be building a rack for heavier bar clamps, then you'll need to glue two (or more depending on the thickness) pieces of plywood together.

Using a drill press (a handheld dill would be sufficient as well) he drills holes in the plywood where the clamps will be aligned into, then cuts a slot (that fits the bar of the clamp) to each hole side edge using the tablesaw (again, a jigsaw would work fine too). If you don\'t drill the holes first, then cutting the slots will be more tedious as you will have to make more passes at the tablesaw to cut out the full width of the slot.

He goes the extra step and chamfers out the slot opening so that is is easier to slide the clamp in.

Then a perpendicular piece is added to add some rigidity and to have something to screw it into wall. Triangular pieces of plywood are added for support at the edge, again to make the whole thing stronger.

Clamp Rack Videos

This second video of building a clamp rack is very similar in design, so I will just point out the differences. It is a bit more elaborate as it has a shelf included at the top for clamp accessories, although why he needed a top to this shelf I don't quite understand (unless it is just another shelf).

But the basic design is the same. Interestingly, no tablesaw was used in this build. Although other fancy tools were used, a jigsaw and a drill is all you need for this project.

So that's about it. I know the design of a basic clamp rack is not that complicated. It's actually a good beginner woodworking project. But maybe you picked up a few little tips that will let you build your clamp rack a bit quicker, or better.

Yan G.
Author: Yan G.
Professionally trained/educated cabinet and furniture maker, with over 20 years of woodworking business experience.